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November 5, 2013


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You and Crowley sat bored in the bunker watching Dean and Gabriel fight over the last piece of chocolate pie.

“Just kill me” Crowley asks you.

“If I’m stuck here so are you” You reply letting out a sigh of boredom.

“Uggh nothing interesting happens around here” Crowley whined.

“I agree…..wanna piss them off?” You ask smirking.

“I knew I liked you for a reason” Crowley joins in on smirking.

“I bet you I can get the pie without them noticing me” You challenge.

“Hmm seeing as it’s in-between them you have a bet. If I win you have to……kiss Gabriel and put a spell on Dean making him want to make out with Michael” Crowley replied.

“Fine but if I win you have to make out with Castiel and I get to make out with Michael” You nod.

“Deal” Crowley nodded as you both shook hands. You slowly got out of your chair and when Crowley wasn’t looking you tapped Michael on the shoulder and gestured for him to go into the kitchen. You walk into the kitchen and after a few minutes Michael walks in.

“Yes?” He asked nervously.

“I need your help with something” You request.

“What?” Michael questioned.

“I made a bet with Crowley that I could get that pie without the boys noticing so I need you to stop time so I can get it and if I win Crowley has to make out with Castiel” You explain leaving out the part about Dean kissing him.

“What do I get out of it?” Michael asked curiously.

“What do you want?” You reply tilting your head.

“I….want a kiss….from you” Michael stuttered nervously. You blush faintly and bite your lower lip.

“Now or after?” You ask looking at him.

“Ehh….now” Michael answered. You nod and take a step closer to him. Michael closed the distance and dipped his head pressing his lips to yours softly. You fist your hands into his shirt and pull him closer deepening the kiss. A few minutes later Michael pulled away and snapped his fingers making time stand still. You smiled and nodded your thanks to him as he went back to his seat and you grabbed the pie before sitting back down. Michael snapped his fingers and time resumed. Crowley looked at you and gaped when he saw the pie in your hand.

“Bollox!” He cursed.

“Wanna piss them off more?” You ask holding up two forks. Crowley shrugged and accepted one before you both began eating the pie.
“Hey boys this pie is delicious” You call over to Dean and Gabriel making them pause and look to you and Crowley who gestured to the pie between you.

“NOOOOO!!!!” They shrieked dropping to their knees with horrified expressions.

“Yes now get to it” You look to Crowley who sighs and stands up before going over to Castiel.

“Please don’t smite me” Crowley said before kissing him quickly. You quickly snap a pic as does Michael before you all heard someone singing.


“BALTHAZAR SHUT UP!” Gabriel yelled making Balthazar yelp and slip in the shower. Crowley looked back to you and nodded to Michael. Grinning you stood up and sauntered over to Michael swaying your hips to get his attention. Michael swallowed hard and froze when you straddled his lap and kissed him passionately. After a few seconds Michael returned the kiss more confidently.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Balthazar asked from the hallway confused. Lucifer smirked to himself and zapped behind Balthazar who was still highly confused. You hold up a hand and hold up your index finger while keeping your attention on Michael who slipped his tongue into your mouth.

“Just haven some fun Balthy” You say once you pulled away from Michael who had a huge smile on his face.

“Right…..” Balthazar said unsurely.

“By the way who made me fall in the shower?!” Balthazar glared around the room.

“Gabriel” Everyone replied. Lucifer smirked again and swiftly yanked the towel from around Balthazar’s waist revealing his wet naked form before taking off the hallway.

“AHH MY EYES!” Everyone shrieked covering their eyes.

“Woo Balthy streak, streak, streak!” You chant before Michael covered your eyes with his hand. Balthazar looked down at himself before blushing bright red and legging it to the nearest room (Dean’s room) and grabbing some clothes.
You and Crowley are board in the bunker so make a bet (deal) to make things more interesting around the place...Unfortunately for some the idea has ruined them
For :iconryrypawz: who gave me the wonderful and evil idea for this story!!!
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LightAndDarkness24 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So glad I understand this better ^^
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Mai gawd i need more! That was awesome!! :D
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I split my lip laughing and smiling at this but it was so worth it!
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
That put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you!
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This is beautiful *wipes tears from my eyes*
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WOOO Balthy Streaks AND I get Michael!!!!! BONUSSS!!!!
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Dude! I've read this so many times now and it never fails at making me laugh so hard!
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