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March 17
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(Y/n) has started a group chat.

SH has logged on.

John has logged on.

‘Hey guys! – YN’

‘Hello (Y/n) – John’

‘(Y/n) – SH’

Mycroft has logged on.

‘Who the hell invited him?! – SH’

‘I did – YN’

‘Why?! – SH’

‘Because he’s fun – YN’

‘I think you have the wrong Mycroft – John’

‘Remember I can have you shot – Mycroft’

‘Welcome to the chat! – John’

‘Kissass – YN’

Moriarty has logged on.

‘………… - SH’

‘………… - Mycroft’

‘………… - John’

‘Hey Jim – YN’

‘Hello YN – Moriarty’

‘What the hell is he doing here?! – John’

‘It’s my chat I can invite who I want – YN’

‘Not Moriarty – SH’

‘I like him so he stays – YN’

‘^_^ - Moriarty’

‘Aww – YN’

‘*sigh* - Mycroft’

‘Don’t sigh at us – YN’

‘I will sigh if I want – Mycroft’

Greg has logged on.

‘Hey Gregory – YN’

‘I thought his name was Graham – SH’

‘No it’s Greg – Greg’

‘Any luck finding me Lestrade? – Moriarty’

‘Seriously? Who invited him? – Greg’

‘I did ^_^ - YN’

‘He’s evil – Greg’

‘: ( - Moriarty’

‘You upset him asshole – YN’

‘You are very easily manipulative – SH’

‘No I’m not – YN’

‘(Y/n) where are you? – John’

‘Out – YN’

‘Where? – Mycroft’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know – YN’

‘Yes we would – Greg’

‘She’s with me ^_^ - Moriarty’

‘No she isn’t – SH’

(Y/n) has posted a picture and tagged Moriarty in it.

‘O_O – SH’

‘(Y/n)! Why are you having coffee with our enemy?! – John’

‘I was on my way to the station and ran into him – YN’

‘Lestrade this is all your fault – Mycroft’

‘How is this my fault?! – Greg’

‘She was on her way to see you dumbass – Moriarty’

‘Why? – Greg’

‘Oh my god you are so stupid – Moriarty’

‘Hey only we can call him stupid! – SH’

‘He’s stupid and blind – Moriarty’

‘Jim play nice – YN’

‘What did you put in my coffee? – Moriarty’

‘Poison hopefully – John’

‘Vodka – YN’

‘No wonder I feel funny – Moriarty’

‘Great drunk Moriarty – Mycroft’

‘Shut up – Moriarty’

‘How am I stupid and blind? – Greg’

‘It’s obvious (Y/n) likes you idiot – Moriarty’

‘Thanks Jim – YN’

‘You’re welcome my love – Moriarty’

‘How drunk is he? – Mycroft’

‘Not very oh wait he’s trying to flirt with me so very – YN’

‘You can’t resist me! I’m Mr Sex! – Moriarty’

Mary has logged on.

‘Hello Mary – SH’

‘Hello dear – John’

‘Hi! – Mary’

‘Why doesn’t anyone love me?! – Moriarty’

‘Aw Jim I love you – YN’

‘Yay ^_^ - Moriarty’

‘Is that….. – Mary’

‘Yep – John’

‘He’s drunk – SH’

‘Where did Lestrade go? – Mycroft’

‘He’s hitting his head off the wall – Greg’

‘Whos’ that? – Mary’

‘Anderson – Greg’


‘First I want to know who broke Lestrade – Greg’

‘Moriarty broke him when he said (Y/n) liked him – John’

‘Moriarty? – Greg’

‘Hellooooooooooooooooooo – Moriarty’

‘Drunk Moriarty is scaring me – SH’

‘You’re not with him – YN’

‘Did I miss anything? – Greg’

‘Greg? – John’

‘Yes? – Greg’

‘Ok Anderson left – SH’

‘Whos Anderson? – Mary’

‘An idiot – SH’

‘Were you really hitting your head off a wall Lestrade? – Mycroft’

‘Maybe – Greg’

‘Ah Jim stop trying to kiss me! – YN’

‘It’s not my fault your hot – Moriarty’

‘I’m flattered – YN’

‘Oh Greg Moriarty’s making a move on her – John’

‘If you don’t want her she’s mine – Moriarty’

‘Hey I am not an object! – YN’

‘Sorry dear – Moriarty’

‘Aww you’re too adorable to stay mad at – YN’

‘: D – Moriarty’

‘Did you seriously just call the most dangerous man in England adorable? – SH’

‘Yes I did – YN’

‘Lestrade is back at the wall – Greg’

‘Go away Anderson – Mycroft’

‘This is Donovan – Greg’

‘Go away Donovan – Mycroft’

‘Who are you? – Greg’

‘Powerful – Mycroft’

‘Ok then – Greg’

‘Hey (Y/n) is that you in the coffee shop across the street? – Mary’

‘Yep – YN’

‘Whos the cute guy? – Mary’

‘Me! – Moriarty’

‘MARY! – John’

‘Sorry I didn’t realize that was him – Mary’

‘You do realize he is a criminal not a kitten – SH’

‘He may as well be a kitten – Mary’

‘Why? – Mycroft’

‘(Y/n) is petting him – Mary’

‘He’s so cute! – YN’

‘^_^ - Moriarty’

‘This is the weirdest chat ever – John’

‘Agreed – Mycroft’

‘Is that Lestrade? – Mary’

‘Where? – SH’

‘Getting in his car unaware that Moriarty is like 10 meters away from him – Mary’

‘Greg you idiot – John’

‘He’s jealous – Mycroft’

‘I wonder where he’s going – SH’

‘Probably to try find (Y/n) – John’

‘I can see him he just pulled out of the station. I waved but he didn’t see me – YN’

‘He’s blinded by jealousy – Mycroft’

‘Aw are you jealous as well Mycroft? – Moriarty’

‘No – Mycroft’

‘Oh my god you are! – Mary’

‘……….. – Mycroft’

‘Great you broke him – SH’

‘Jim is a clingy drunk – YN’

‘It’s true – Mary’

‘How do you know? – John’

‘I joined them – Mary’

‘Traitor – SH’

‘How is he clingy? – John’

‘He won’t let go of her arm – Mary’

‘I can still type! – Moriarty’

‘It’s harder for me – YN’

‘Where did Ice Man go? – Moriarty’

‘He’s jealous that you’re with (Y/n) so he’s probably hitting his head off his desk trying to get his brain cells to commit suicide – SH’

‘Everyone wants a piece of me – YN’

‘I don’t – John’

‘Same – SH’

‘You secretly want me Sherly ; ) – YN’

‘Stop petting Moriarty it’s weird – Mary’

‘No – YN’

‘Ok I’m back – Greg’

‘Where are you? – John’

‘I have no idea I just drove – Greg’

‘So you’re lost? – SH’

‘Yeah basically – Greg’

‘You got lost because your jealous wow – John’

‘Why would I be jealous? – Greg’

‘Moriarty is trying to seduce (Y/n) – Mary’

‘………….. – Greg’

‘………….. – Mycroft’

‘Oh I forgot he was still here – SH’

‘I have located them – Mycroft’

‘Creep your spying on us – YN’

‘No I am not – Mycroft’

‘Where are they? – Greg’

‘Opposite the station your car was about 10 meters away – Mycroft’

‘GOD DAMIT! – Greg’

‘Yeah you’re not jealous – SH’

‘I also know where you are – Mycroft’

‘Great where am I? – Greg’

‘You really think I’m going to tell you? – Mycroft’

‘Oh you evil man – Greg’

‘Ladies please stop fighting over (Y/n) – Mary’

‘She’s mine – Moriarty’

‘No I’m not Jim -_- - YN’

‘Lestrade don’t you have like a sat nav in your car? – John’

‘…………. – Greg’

‘I think he just figured it out – SH’

‘Shit – Mycroft’

‘Oh it’s a race to get to the café - Mary’

‘Jim did you just bite me? – YN’

‘Maybe – Moriarty’

‘You are a weird man – YN’

‘You know you like it – Moriarty’

‘Hey don’t bite my girl! – Greg’

‘She’s not yours – Mycroft’

‘She’s mine – Moriarty’

‘I’m seriously considering turning gay – YN’

‘No! – Greg’

‘Don’t even think about it – Mycroft’

Sebastian has logged on.

‘SEBBY! – Moriarty’

‘Hello boss – Sebastian’

‘Hello brother mine – YN’

‘You stole that for me wait what? – Mycroft’

‘Guys this is my brother Sebastian – YN’

‘You’re brother works for the clingy drunk? – SH’

‘Yep wait clingy? – Sebastian’

Mary posted a picture and tagged Sebastian in it.

‘Boss you have 5 seconds to get off my sister or I will shoot you – Sebastian’

‘Suck it – Greg’

‘Oh please I’m better than both of you – Moriarty’

‘What the hell is going on?! – Sebastian’

‘Moriarty, Mycroft and Greg like (Y/n) and are fighting over who gets her – SH’

‘Me – Greg’

‘Me – Moriarty’

‘Me – Mycroft’

‘Jim I swear if you bite me again Seb will be the least of your worries – YN’

‘O_O – Sebastian’

‘He’s drunk Seb – YN’

‘He was never a normal drunk – Sebastian’

‘He’s a funny drunk – Mary’


‘Wrong café idiot – Mycroft’

‘Ah shit – Greg’

‘I on the other hand am at the right one – Mycroft’

‘I can practically see the smirk on your face – John’

‘I am smirking – Mycroft’

‘Mycroft which café are you at? – Mary’

‘Jones’s – Mycroft’

‘We moved to the café under Sherlock’s flat – YN’

‘Shit – Mycroft’

‘I’M CLOSER! – Greg’


‘I’m hoping Greg wins – YN’

‘Same – Mary’

‘Me and Sherlock have bets going – John’

‘But I’m already here : ( - Moriarty’

‘Do not give into his pout – Mary’

‘………… - Sebastian’

‘Just face it Sebastian you have a hot sister – Moriarty’

‘I will hurt you – Sebastian’

‘Why is the traffic so bad?! – Mycroft’

‘Sucker – Greg’

‘Did you cause a traffic jam? – SH’

‘Maybe – Greg’

‘You bastard – Mycroft’

‘You two are desperate – John’

‘If it was Mary would you cause a traffic jam so Mycroft couldn’t beat you there? – Greg’

‘Yes – John’

‘Then leave me alone – Greg’

‘Fine – John’


‘You Sonofabitch – Mycroft’

‘Mycroft would have beaten you but you cheated – SH’

‘Shut up and let me enjoy this Sherlock – Greg’

‘Can you stop standing there and get Jim off me? – YN’

‘My sister is not a prize! Greg whoever the hell you are I will find you! – Sebastian’

‘Yeah, yeah whatever – Greg’

‘Ow you hit me! – Moriarty’

‘And it felt awesome – Greg’

‘Hit him for me and John – SH’

‘Ouch that looked painful – Mary’

‘You bastard are you wearing a ring?! – Moriarty’

‘Two of them yes – Greg’

‘(Y/n) stop helping him – Mary’

‘Just face it she likes me better – Moriarty’

‘Can’t you talk face to face instead of on a chatroom? – Mary’

‘No – Greg’

‘Nope – Moriarty’

‘Oh there’s Seb – YN’

‘And there goes Moriarty – Greg’

‘What happened? – SH’

‘Look out the window – John’

‘Haha – SH’

‘What? – Mycroft’

‘Moriarty is getting dragged off screaming – SH’

‘Ha – Mycroft’

‘John open the door – Mary’

‘Why? – John’

‘Lestrade and (Y/n) left – Mary’

‘I will have revenge Greg – Sebastian’

‘Whatever – Greg’

Mycroft has logged out.

‘Aw he left – YN’

‘So? – SH’

‘No one cares – John’

‘I care – YN’

Moriarty has logged out.

‘He is never getting his phone back – Sebastian’

‘Can I have it? – SH’

‘No – Sebastian’

SH has logged out.

‘Great now he’s sulking – John’

‘Good – Sebastian’

John has logged out.

‘Now I have to put up with them thank you! – Mary’

Mary has logged out.

‘Sebastian go away – YN’

‘No – Sebastian’

Greg has logged out.

‘You made them leave – YN’

‘Like I care – Sebastian’

‘You are so mean – YN’

‘I know – Sebastian’

(Y/n) has logged out.

Sebastian has logged out.
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05Mathias06 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Screw social interaction. XD This is hilarious! I've never laughed so much while reaching a fic! :iconlmfao-plz: Good job! :iconfanboyingplz: *SCAMPERS OFF TO READ THE REST*
saratza Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
OK, so  I laughed 5 min. without stopping. Genius!!
ShadowGamer1315 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Same XD
saratza Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
ShadowGamer1315 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
JasminJoyful Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Ok, it's 3am here & i just laughed so loud my neighbours probably heard it ^^'' :rofl: 
ScarletteRoseDEzZean Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yay xD sebby's my brothaarrr xD

I was hoping one of them won :) nevertheless , This fic is AWESOME :D
BlackjackMonster Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
When i saw the name sebastian i immediately thought of black butler omg
Kayla-Greyfanfics Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
lol, me to~ ;3
Lebenen Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
That was so freaking AWSOME!!! 
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