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November 26, 2013
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It was 9 o’clock and you had just finished your shower about to get ready for an early night. You wrapped a white towel around your figure and stepped out into your bedroom. The last thing you expected to see was Castiel sitting on the edge of your bed.

“CAS!” You shrieked.

“Hello (y/n)” Castiel nodded.

“Why are you in my room?!” You exclaimed.

“I wanted to see you” Castiel tilted his head to the side with a confused expression.

“Ok Cas as much as I love you, you cannot just appear in my bedroom without a warning
first” You sighed running a hand over your face.

“My apologies” Castiel replied.

“Just don’t do it again or I’m putting a bell on you”

“My friend said the same thing” Castiel cracked a smile.

“Who?” You question.

“Dean. You should come with me to meet them” Castiel smiled.

“Ok” You nodded returning the smile. Castiel stepped over to you and placed a hand on your
shoulder teleporting you to the Winchester’s motel room.

“Hey Cas………Hello” Dean purred seeing you. You look down at yourself and shriek.

“CAS!” You yelled.

“What…...ohh sorry” Castiel snapped his fingers and you were fully dressed.

“Never again” You muttered.

“Who’s the chick?” Dean asked.

“Dean, Sam this is (y/n)……my girlfriend” Castiel introduced causing Dean and Sam to choke
on their coffees.

“Girlfriend?!” Dean exclaimed.

“Yes…Is that not the correct term?” Castiel tilted his head.

“Seriously?!” Sam said.

“Yes” You and Castiel nodded.

“How the hell did someone as confused and awkward as you land someone as hot as her?!”
Dean asked.

“I umm accidently landed in her house with a few broken wings so she helped me” Castiel

“No to mention you destroyed my living room” You muttered.

“I apologised for that” Castiel pointed out.

“Why were you in a towel? Where you guys…..” Dean trailed.

“No I was just out of the shower when he decided to appear in my room. I swear he needs a
bell” You shook your head.

“I know right? Oh and when you sleep be warned he watches you” Dean stated.

“I know” You shot a glare to Castiel who looked to the ceiling.

“Ok guys stop picking on Cas” Sam chuckled.

“Tell Cas to stop watching us sleep” Dean replied.

“I can’t help it” Castiel shrugged innocently.

“Can’t you just go to sleep instead?” You asked.

“Angels don’t need sleep” Castiel pointed out.

“They don’t need sleep but you can sleep” You replied.

“Oh and don’t let him near any alcohol shops” Dean added.

“Guys Cas is not a pet” Sam shook his head.

“I am an angel” Castiel nodded.

“We know you’re an angel Cas” You patted his shoulder. A few minutes later Castiel brought
you back to your apartment where you dried your hair with the hair dryer while he sat
awkwardly on the edge of your bed.

“How did you like Sam and Dean?” Castiel asked.

“They’re nice” You nodded.

“I’m glad you got along with them” Castiel smiled brightly.

“Mhmm” You returned the smile.

“Are you staying the night?” You asked while sitting behind him on the bed.

“If you want me to” Castiel replied.

“I don’t make your decisions”

“Then I want to” Castiel turned his head to look at you.

“Good” You smiled before pressing a chaste kiss to his soft lips. Castiel returned the
kiss happily and snapped his fingers so you were both in sleepwear before he lay you down
and lay down behind you. You giggled slightly when Castiel wrapped his arm around your
waist brushing your side lightly. Castiel smirked to himself and thought of ways to use
that to his advantage before pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“Good night (y/n)” Castiel whispered.

“Night Cas” You replied before falling asleep in your angels arms.
Castiel takes you to meet Sam and Dean for the first time 
My half of the trade with :iconotaku-chan23:

I do not own Supernatural
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"I went to a liquor store ..... And I drank it ..."
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