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March 19


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Martin walked into Benedict’s house and found you and him in the same position upside down on the couch.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Martin asked.

“Seeing who lasts longer” Benedict replied.

“We’ve been at it 10 minutes” You added.

“All the blood will rush to your head you know” Martin commented sitting down opposite
you both.
“We know which is why it’s the perfect bet. If I win she has to cook for me all week wearing a French maid outfit” Benedict nodded the best he could.

“And if she wins?” Martin asked curiously.

“If I win he has to tell Andrew he loves him while dropping to his knees in front of everyone at dinner next week” You replied casually.

“I really hope you win” Martin smirked at Benedict who rolled his eyes.

“She won’t” Benedict replied confidently. After another 5 minutes the three of you heard the front door open and close.

“Whos there?!” Benedict called.

“It’s only us!” His mum replied.

“Shit not now” Benedict muttered to himself.

“What on earth are you doing Ben?!” Wanda asked when she and Tim walked into the room.

“Nothing?” Benedict replied looking at them.

“Sit up straight” Wanda scolded taking off her scarf. Benedict groaned in annoyance before he sat up.

“I WIN!” You exclaimed happily.

“You planned this!” Benedict shot you a glare.

“Of course I did” You nodded standing up.

“Haven’t I told you not to play games with my sister? It never ends well” Martin shook his head while grinning slightly.

“What is going on?” Tim asked confused.

“Nothing” Benedict mumbled crossing his arms over his chest before he sat down sulking. The week was over quickly and soon you found yourself sitting with your friends from Sherlock.

“Good luck” Martin whispered to Benedict who shot him a death glare. You smirked at Benedict when you saw him glaring at you and sent him a small wave.

“You ok (Y/n) you’re very quiet?” Louise asked leaning over to you.

“Oh I’m perfectly fine” You nodded sending Benedict another smirk.

“Just get it over with Ben” Martin whispered to him.

“You don’t have to tell a man you love them so I will do it in my own sweet time” Benedict replied slowly looking at him. Over the course of dinner you noticed Benedict never looked at Andrew once.

“You have the camera set up right?” You whispered to Mark who nodded.

“Yep” He replied glancing at Benedict who was talking to Rupert.

“YouTube here we come” You grinned.

“Do it now” You mouthed when Benedict looked at you. Sighing he stood up and straightened his shirt.

“Ehh I have something to say” Benedict cleared his throat making everyone look at him.

“This should be good” Martin said to Amanda who was confused.

“Yes Ben?” Mark asked hiding his smirk. Benedict mentally cursed you and walked over to Andrew who was equally as confused as everyone else.

“Andrew I love you” Benedict said dropping to his knees.

“Ehh……” Andrew trailed off unsure of what to do.

“Aww” You and Mark awed.

“I ship it” Martin said.

“Ben you broke him” You commented when you noticed Andrew was frozen.

“It was a bet no need to freeze” Benedict muttered going back to his seat.

“Don’t do that again” Andrew said awkwardly.

“Wanna play a card game?” You looked at Mark while everyone else resumed eating and chatting.

“Of what?” Mark asked as you pulled out a pack of playing card from your jacket pocket.

“Where did you get cards from?” Louise asked you.

“My pocket” You shrugged shuffling the deck.

“Your pockets are small a deck wouldn’t fit in there” Martin pointed out.

“Their bigger on the inside” You replied.

“Nice” Mark sniggered as Martin rolled his eyes.

“So how about knock out whist?” You asked smirking slightly.

“No how about Slippery Jack?” Mark replied realizing what you were doing.

“No don’t know how to play that one how about Bamalama-Fizz-Vaj” You shook your head.

“Nah how about Forty card drag?” Mark suggested.

“Oh how about Go Johnny Go, Go, Go, Go?” You said. Mark nodded while everyone else was confused on the card game names. A few minutes later everyone was enjoying the silence when suddenly you stood up and slammed your card on the table.

“GO JOHNNY GO, GO, GO, GO!” You exclaimed.

“Ah shit” Mark cursed as you named your pairs.

“(Y/n)! Sit down!” Martin hissed as people looked over.

“What?” You asked confused as you sat back down.

“You can’t yell in a restaurant!” Amanda scolded.

“It’s part of the game…..Rematch?” You asked Mark who shook his head.

“Hangman?” He suggested.

“Canadian or Italian rules?” You asked.

“Neither normal rules” Mark rolled his eyes.

“Fine but no extremely long words” You nodded as Mark began writing on a random napkin.

“You’re not even putting any effort into it” You said as you looked at how many spaces he put.

“What?! You can’t guess it from that!” Mark protested.

“Can you two please keep your voices down?” Benedict requested.

“Fine” You and Mark muttered before shutting up. When you were leaving the restaurant with Benedict and Martin you got a text from Mark.

‘WHAT WAS IT?!’ You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

‘I’m not going to tell you’ You sent the text and put your phone on silent knowing he would send more texts.

~~~ Extended Ending ~~~

Martin groaned when he heard your phone go off and looked at the time glaring when he saw it was 3:54.

“MARK I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!” You yelled form your room.

“YOU HAVE TO IT’S DRIVING ME MAD!” Mark replied equally as loud.

“IT’S HANGMAN MARK GET OVER IT I WILL NOT TELL YOU THE ANSWER YOU LOST!” You replied before hanging up and turning your phone off.
You and Benedict make a bet
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