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July 31
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It was just another normal day for you browsing for books in Diagon Alley. Until you saw the familiar red hair of Molly Weasley. Hoping she wouldn't try kill you with her famous hugs you went over to your old friend and got re-acquainted.

"Harry is over with Arthur if you want to say hi" Molly said pointing to them by the door while keeping her eye on Gilderoy Lockhart. 

"Thanks Molly" You smiled before going over to greet your godson. When you first met him last year with Hagrid you thought he knew about what your twin brother Sirius Black had been framed for but as it turns out he had no idea so you kept it that way.

"Hey Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Arthur and girl I don't know.....Merlin so many people" You greeted each of them.

"Oh sorry Im Hermione Granger" Hermione introduced holding out her hand politely.

"(Y/n) Black" You smiled shaking her hand. You noticed a boy behind Hermione who had platinum blonde hair.

"You look strangely familiar" You said to him.

"I can assure you we've never met" Draco replied.

"That's going to bug me now where do I know you from" You commented to yourself. You zoned out for a few minutes trying to figure out where you knew Draco from until it clicked.

"Aha! Malfoy!" You grinned in triumph.

"Yes?" A voice said from behind you making you shriek and jump onto Arthur.

"Can you get off me please?" Arthur asked struggling to hold onto you.

"Whoops sorry" You said quickly getting off him before acting like nothing happened.

"(Y/n) nice to see your well" Lucius nodded to you.

"Not right now I'm not" You muttered.

"Actually while your here i was wondering might you deliver this to your brother?" Lucius asked holding out a letter.

"Which one?" You asked taking it. Lucius gave you a 'are you fucking kidding me?' look making you hit yourself internally.

"Oh right Reg" You nodded putting the letter in your robes to pass on to Regulus.

"Come along Draco we must be going" Lucius said glancing at Draco who curiously looked between you and Lucius before going with him.

"I knew he was just as creepy as Draco" George said breaking the awkward silence.

"Mhmm" Fred nodded in agreement. After a few minutes talking to Arthur you left back to your house which you shared with Regulus. You found him lounging around bored in the living room so you threw the letter at his face.

"Who's this from?" Regulus asked as you sat opposite him.

"Lucius I ran into him today or more he scared the shit out of me again" You replied. Regulus nodded and opened the letter looking surprised as he read it.

"What? Cissy didnt die did she? She's the only family member I can stand besides you and Sirius" You said.

"No she's alive and well apparently her and Lucius got divorced 3 years ago" Regulus shook his head.

"Nice to know she cares enough to tell us" You huffed reading the letter when he handed it to you.

"Well it was only a matter of time their marriage has been doomed for that he's single maybe you can get in there" Regulus smirked.

"No that's just all sorts of wrong" You shook your head.

"Why?" Regulus asked.

"Cause his son is our cousin" You replied.

"Yes but we're not related to Lucius at all" Regulus pointed out.

"It would still feel wrong" You said.

"Who cares just look at our parents they were cousins for fucks sake" Regulus scoffed.

"Your parents. They disowned me remember" You rolled your eyes.

"Eh suppose. But as you once told me love has no boundaries" He shrugged.

"Don't turn my words on me!" You warned.

"You my dear sister have and will be for a long time in a love triangle till you sort your shit out" Regulus laughed.

"They were crushes" You groaned.

"Oh please you blush whenever someone mentions them. You love Lucius and whats his face" Regulus smirked.

"Remus Reg you knew his name in school how hard is it?" You face-palmed. 

"Very" He nodded. You rolled your eyes and whacked him with a pillow on your way to get changed for work as an Auror at the Ministry of Magic hoping you wouldn't cross paths it's either men for a long time.
I had this idea for a while just wanted to post it broke I forgot it. And yes I kept Regulus alive cause I like him and he's important cause he just is, deal with it
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